Simple Tool to Restore Pics from Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3 is Android operating system based mobile computing device. This device has brought a new revolution in the mobile communication. Its advanced features have given a special dimension to it among the users. Sometimes, there are moments where glitch in the device ends up in pictures loss from Galaxy S3. At some point of time, you must have realized that some folders, containing images of memorable moments are missing from Samsung Galaxy S3. This is because of you might have accidentally deleted or hidden them. However, if you found yourself in such situation then there is no need to worry about this. Recover Photo is a tool which is designed specially to recover pictures from Samsung Galaxy S3.

There are many possible reasons behind the photo loss from Samsung S3.Some of the most commonly encountered are accidental deletion, formatting ,virus attack, power surge and corruption of memory card. If your favorites pictures are deleted because of any one of the above reasons from your smart phone then you could land in a terrible situation. It is needless to say that such situations make user upset as they lose their precious snapshots. But, fortunately there is tool available, by making use of this tool user can recover pictures from Samsung Galaxy S3.

Let’s take a real time scenario where pictures from Samsung Galaxy S3 may be lost. Suppose, user wants to delete some junk folders from the memory card of the smart phone. In order to delete useless folders from memory card, user may delete any other folder containing important images mistakenly. This situation becomes even more pathetic, if proper backup of Smart phone data has not taken by user. Some user, due to misconception understands that picture lost in this incident has gone forever and cannot be taken back. But, the truth is completely opposite, lost pictures can be get back easily with the help of suitable recovery tool. Recover Photo application is one of such excellent utility which can retrieve lost pictures from camera and phone memory card very easily.

Another scenario where user may lose data from Samsung Galaxy S3 is unintentional formatting of memory card. This is most commonly experienced scenario by users. Let’s take an example to explain this scenario. Suppose user has taken pictures from smart phone and now wants to view those images on computer. For this, user connects phone memory card to computer through card reader. The moment user connects card to the system, a window appears asking that “Card is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?” if user selects yes button by mistake then all the folders residing on the card will get delete. Now, this mistake may cause loss of pictures of some red letters moments of users. In such circumstances user should make use of recovery utility, which is capable enough to get back data from formatted drive. To know more visit at:

However, it does not matter how you have lost images from Samsung Galaxy S3, pictures can be retrieved back by Recover Photos tool. This tool is capable to recover PG, JPEG, PNG, JIFF, TIFF, CR2, CRW and all other images with different formats on Android mobile phone in an optimum way. This tool is useful to retrieve pictures deleted from SD card. You can preview the recovered images in order to judge the proficiency of tool.

Simple steps to recover pictures from Samsung Galaxy S3

Step 1: Download and install Recover Photo application on your computer, launch the tool to open its home window as shown in Figure I.

Recover Pictures from Samsung Galaxy S3 - Home Windows

Figure I: Home Window

Step 2: From next window "Select Memory Card" from the list of logical drives as shown in Figure II.

Restore Photos from Samsung Galaxy S3 - Select Memory Card

Figure II: Select Memory Card

Step 3: After recovery is done, user can "Preview Picture" from the last window of software as shown in Figure III.

Retrieve Images from Samsung Galaxy S3 - Preview Picture

Figure III: Preview Picture